Friday, January 05, 2007

Attention WSU pot, kettle calling, line 2

In November last year, Waikato Students Union (WSU) president Sehai Orgad spoke about the need for Waikato University to deliver value for money. Speaking in This Week she said, "I think the university needs to identify what really gives value for money and concentrate on promoting and enhancing that."

Sorry? WSU is an organisation which takes money from students without their consent and spends it on things which many students don't want or value. By spending students' money on unwanted and poor quality items WSU wastes hundreds of thousands of dollars of Waikato students' money each year.

It's rich for the president of compulsory WSU to tell another organisation that it needs to deliver value for money when WSU itself has wasted millions of dollars from Waikato students through the course of its existence and has no capacity whatsoever to provide value for money.

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