Friday, March 16, 2007

Geoff - look at a VUW fees invoice....

In his latest Salient column, Vuwsa president Geoff Hayward attempts to explain 'What Vuwsa is and isn't'. Among other things, Geoff claims Vuwsa is "not responsible for the level of fees that students have to pay".

Trouble is that's only partially true. Vuwsa is not responsible for the level of tuition fees students pay but Vuwsa is totally responsible for the level of student association fees which students have to pay. In fact last year Vuwsa student politicians were successful in achieving an increase in the level of the compulsory Vuwsa student association levy.

Perhaps in his next column Geoff could explain why Vuwsa's student politicians think increases in tutition fees are bad but increases in student association fees are acceptable.



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